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Class 73 Pack - Ordering Page

Below are listed the Frequently Asked Questions which we recieve about this pack. You must read and understand the FAQ's before you can place an order for the pack. Don't worry however, they are nothing major!


What is included in the pack?

A selection of eleven Class 73 locomotives in nine different liveries.


The locomotives have no logos on them. Why?

For legal reasons we cannot include the operators logos in the pack. However, totally free, from UKTrainSim, is an update pack, which adds logos and nameplates to all of the locomotives featured in the pack. The free update pack can be found here -


The locomotives use default cabs and lots of default sounds. Why?

We felt that we couldn’t produce a cab and sound package of suitable quality. However we have done our research and there are lots of possible replacements on UKTrainSim. We have cut three pounds off of the original cost of the pack so you have the option to purchase a membership of UKTS and download the amazing sounds and cabviews which can be found on there!


Can I reskin the locomotives?

For personal use, of course you can! We have no issues with you re-skinning any of the locomotives into your favourite livery. However if you wish to distribute them in any way (free or charging) you must send us a copy first for approval and packaging.


There are only light engine consists included, how do I add coaches?

As some train simmers have huge libraries of period accurate stock, and others have relatively little we decided not to include consists with rolling stock, as it would have caused errors for those who do not have the specified rolling stock installed. We have produced a tutorial for you to help you produce a consist of your own which can be found here.

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