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Dreamland Miniature Railway

The Dreamland Miniature Railway Pack depicts the real 15" gauge railway which was an important attraction at the Dreamland Amusement Park in Margate from 1920 until it's closure in 1980. This pack depicts the route during the late 1950's era and includes rolling stock from throughout the line's history. Although not a route for those who like running heavy freights and non-stop expresses, this route offers a taste of amusement park life - can you operate a consistent and timely service and keep the visitors happy?

This pack is now finished and ordering details can be found at the bottom of the page.

What is included?

- The Dreamland Park and Railway as running in the 1950's.
- The full 2/3 mile track complete with two stations and sidings.
- Bassett-Lowke Class 10 locomotive ‘Prince Edward of Wales’
- Albion Class locomotive ‘Billie’
- ‘Morse’ petrol locomotive.
- ‘Morse’ petrol locomotive in late Green Livery
- Bassett-Lowke 4 wheel coaches as built
- 4 wheel coaches as rebuilt in Green Livery
- 4 wheel coaches as rebuilt in Orange Livery
- Jaycot Railway Brakevan.
- A series of activities based around different scenarios and timeframes.
- Brand new track shape and textures files.

A full list of what is included and any technical requirements can be found in the Dreamland Readme. We recommend reading this document before you purchase the DMR pack which can be downloaded below.
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All models created with Train Sim Modeler, the website for which can be found at  TSM
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