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Disneyland Packs - Terms and Conditions

You must understand and agree to these before downloading the pack.

These packs are not authorised by the Walt Disney Company and has no connection at all with the Disneyland Park or the Walt Disney Company. Bubble's Railways is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company nor any of it's subsidiaries or affiliates.

- These packs are offered as freeware.
- These packs have been scanned with an up to date virus checker.
- All likenesses are, and remain the property of the Walt Disney Company.
- By downloading the packs, it is expected that you have basic file management capabilities.
- By downloading the packs, you agree not to post any images or videos of the locomotive in any guise other than which it is provided.
- By downloading these packs, you agree not to post any videos or images of any form of a collision or accident involving this locomotive.
- It is recommended that you backup your ENTIRE MSTS installation before installing the packs.
- The packs must not be re-distributed, sold or passed on from any location other than Bubble's Railways without the express written permission of Ben Vincer. The sale of the items is strictly forbidden.

If you have any questions, please email us on

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