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Heritage Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway Pack

The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway Heritage Stock Pack features six locomotives from the railway's past and will fit in with any 15 inch gauge railway simulation.

This pack was updated in November 2013 for the release of the Ravenglass and Eskdale Route and Stock Pack.

Ordering Information can be found at the bottom of this page.


What is included?

Sir Aubrey

Sir Aubrey Brocklebank

As running in the early days of the 15" gauge Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway.

It is depicted in Midland Red livery.

*Updated Textures and Model - Nov 2013*


Silver Jubilee Multiple Unit

The Silver Jubilee Multiple Unit could be found running on the Ravenglass and Eskdale from the late 1970's until it was broken up in 2003.

It is depicted in 'Intercity' livery.

*Updated Textures - Nov 2013*


ICL 1 'Bunny'

ICL 1, a 1922 rebuilt of an earlier locomotive was used extensively in passenger service until the 1960's when it was withdrawn and used in the railway's freight train. The locomotive has since been stored unservicable with a view to an eventual return to service.

It is depicted in R&ER Green livery.

*Updated Textures - Nov 2013*

Royal Anchor

Royal Anchor

This small diesel hydraulic locomotive arrived on the line in 1961, having run unsuccesful trials on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway. It remained on the R&ER until 1978, when it was sold onto the 15" gauge Steamtown railway at Carnforth.

It is depicted in Black/Grey and White livery.

*Updated Textures and Model - Nov 2013*

Heywood Superpower

The Heywood Superpower Locomotive

This small locomotive was proposed by Sir Arthur Heywood as a powerful freight locomotive for the line. Unfortunately it was never built, however similarities to current R&ER locomotives can be seen in the design.

It is depicted in NGR Blue livery.

*Updated Textures and Model - Nov 2013*

River Esk Poultney

River Esk, with Poultney Steam Tender

During a rebuild of this locomotive in 1928, a steam powered tender was incorporated into the design. This would have created a very powerful locomotive, however trials were unsuccessful and the equipment was quickly removed. It was later rebuilt into the second 'River Mite'.

It is depicted in R&ER Green Livery.

*Updated Textures - Nov 2013*


The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway Heritage Stock Pack costs £5.99 (inclusive of all Postage and Packaging) and can be purchased securely through PayPal. Please click the link below to be forwarded to the ordering page.

Heritage R&ER Stock Pack Ordering Page

All models created with Train Sim Modeler, the website for which can be found at  TSM
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