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MSTS Romney - Downloads

This page features all of the free downloads you can get for as add ons for the MSTS Romney project. You must have the initial MSTS Romney CD installed for these downloads to work

RH&DR Redgauntlet

PW3 'Redgauntlet' - As running in 2010. Brand new Romney 2010 model.

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RH&DR Tool Wagon 999

The RH&DR's Tool Wagon, as refurbished in 2009 - Brand new Romney 2010 model.

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Tool Wagon

RH&DR Route Update 1.3

Please ensure you have backed up your entire MSTS installation before attempting to install the patch.

Update your RH&DR route to version 1.3

Not Currently Available

Route Downloads

RH&DR John Southland

A representation of the RH&DR's first mainline diesel 'John Southland'.

To install: Download, unzip, then run the installer.

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John Southland

RH&DR Hercules - Armoured Train

A representation of RH&DR locomotive 5 in armour plates, as it was seen during WW2.

Not Currently Available

Hercules Armoured

RH&DR Scooter

A representation of the RH&DR Scooter, for purchasers of the MSTS Romney Base Pack. Installation Instructions are included in the Readme file.

Not Currently Available


Replacement whistles for Hurricane and Dr Syn

By Daniel Jenkins

Some replacement whistle files for RH&DR locomotives 'Hurricane and 'Dr Syn'.

Not Currently Available

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