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MSTS Romney - Ordering Page

As this route is currently in Beta format, there are still some bugs, which although minor, may affect your simulation experience. Please read and understand the list below and then click ACCEPT or REJECT at the bottom of this page.



- The route scenery is unfinished and the areas of line between Romney Sands - Dungeness and Hythe - Burmarsh Road are largely unsceneried.

- On some lower spec graphics cards, it has been noticed that scenes where there is more than one locomotive/a lot of rolling stock, the track will disappear for a few seconds and the locomotives will appear inside out from certain angles

- No signalling, although locomotives appear to act suitably in activities.

- Some issues may occur when using different times of year and weather conditions.


- 'John Southland' is missing from the pack along with 'Redgauntlet' and 'Scooter' (All are available as separate downloads)

- The locomotives do not have any coupling gear/vacuum pipes.

- The physics on the locomotive aren’t totally accurate.

- The steam locomotive sounds are not the greatest, some possible replacement sounds are listed in the route documentation

- From some views on the inside of the coaches, the wheels and underframe show through.

- On some locos, once uncoupled, the locomotive is unable to recouple to rolling stock or other locomotives.


The route is in beta format, which means it is released as a working work-in-process. There may be updates in the form of route updates and extra locomotives/locomotive updates. Keep an eye on this site for more details.



Listed here are the bugs that are known with the route. You purchase the route knowing that these bugs are in place and that there may be other bugs in the package. The route and stock has been thoroughly tested on five machines and has worked sucessfully with the above issues reported. If any other issues are discovered, we will endeavour to alter these and release a patch.

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