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Project 32 - Little Giant Class 30 Pack

This pack contains two Bassett-Lowke designed 'Class 30' Locomotives as currently running. 'Synolda', built in 1912 for the Sand Hutton Light Railway, now resides on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway and in usually in steam for special occasions. 'Count Louis' was built for the person who would posthumously give his name to the machine after it was sold to the Fairbourne Miniature Railway. It now resides primarily on the Evesham Vale Light Railway and is run a few times every year.

'Count Louis' 'Synolda'
Also included in the pack is a set of Bassett-Lowke, wooden bodied, four wheel passenger coaches. These have been inspired by pictures showing them in use on the early 15" gauge Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway.
Bassett-Lowke 4-Wheel Coaches

The Project 32 Stock Pack costs £3.99 (inclusive of all Postage and Packaging) and can be purchased securely through PayPal. Please click the link below to be forwarded to the ordering page.

Project 32 Ordering Page


Trial Pack

At Bubble's Railways we are so confident about the quality of this pack we are offering you the opportunity to download a trial pack and see the high quality of the models before you invest in the full pack. Included in the download below is one of the Bassett Lowke 4 Wheel Coaches which you can download and run for FREE!

Download the Bassett Lowke Class 30 Trial Pack

All models created with Train Sim Modeler, the website for which can be found at  TSM
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