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Ravenglass and Eskdale Route and Stock Pack

By David Ward, Presented by Bubble's Railways

Welcome to the home of the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway Project. Started by David Ward in 2008, the pack has brought together some of the best creators of minimum gauge rolling stock and scenery for Microsoft Train Simulator to create the famous railway in Cumbria. Please see a list of contributors at the bottom of the page.

Bubble's Railways is now proud to present you the fruits of David and his team's work - and best of all, you can get the route and rolling stock for free when you buy another Bubble's Railways pack from our selection on this page!

You can view the readme included in the pack, with many extra details about the route and stock here.


Included in the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway Pack

- The complete 7 mile route with full scenery.

R&ER Steam Locomotives:  
Synolda River Esk
River Irt (Current) River Mite
Wroxham Broad Bonnie Dundee
Katie Flower of the Forest
R&ER Diesel Locomotives:  
Perkins Shelagh of Eskdale
Lady Wakefield Cyril
Douglas Ferreira  
Historical R&ER Locomotives:  
Muriel River Irt (Scale Outline Form)
There is also a huge range of additional stock included on the CD which represents locomotives which have visited, or would be suitable for use on, the R&ER. Including: Hercules, Little Giant, Ursula, Sutton Belle/Flyer, Sandy River #24, Fox, Badger

Rolling Stock

- A selection of standard Ravenglass and Eskdale aluminium saloons.

- A selection of 'Maxi Coaches', including the 'Eskdale Belle'

- Several Bassett-Lowke 4 wheel coaches.

- Several P/Way vehicles

Also Included:

- A selection of 'get you started' consists.

'River Irt' prepares to leave Dalegarth station. 'Douglas Ferreira' passes Miteside Halt. 'Wroxham Broad' at The Green.
Simultaneous arrivals and departures at Ravenglass Departing Ravenglass, passing the carriage sheds. Crossing trains at Miteside
Synolda Museum
Synolda in steam in the Ravenglass Museum Northern Rock departs Dalegarth Station Shelagh with the P Way Stock

Known Bugs

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure an accurate representation of the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway, some bugs have been found. In most situations below these are due to limitations within the parent program and not the route and stock itself. You will need to ensure that you have Xtracks and NewRoads installed in order for this route to work. These can be downloaded from here and here.

- Due to the tight curves found on some areas of the route, some stock may appear to 'bounce' depending on your MSTS configuration. During testing we have found that this is not a frequent error, and can be 'pulled through' where necessary.

- The diesels have very limited sound. Sound sets can be downloaded from if you wish to add some sounds of your own.

- Many of the locomotives are set to start with their brakes off. When starting on a location along the route which is on an incline - it will be important to put your breaks on quickly!

- On some computers, lines may appear on the ground textures. This is due to MSTS and its compatability with some Windows 7 graphics cards.



Bob Latimer and Terry Cunliffe - For adding many finishing touches to the project.
Tim Elsby - For fantastic rolling stock and locos.
Andrew Lamin - For finishing off the custom scenery items and some fantastic stock.
Ben Vincer - For Stock and advice, final packaging and releasing through Bubble’s Railways.
Peter Van Zeller - For advice.
Elliot Anderson - For advice and a fantastic fotopic site for reference which has since been lost.
Graham Whistler- For providing free of charge a R&ER cabride DVD, invaluable reference.
Miniature Railway World Forums
UK Trainsim Forums and Matt Peddlesden

A full list of all scenery contributors can be found in the readme, which can be downloaded from here.


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