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Bubble's Railways Stock Pack

A large amount of Bubble's Railways Stock is available on CD. The full list of stock, many pieces of which are exclusive to the CD, can be found below.

Due to its age, the Bubble's Railways Stock Pack has now been withdrawn from sale. Thank you to everyone who has bought this pack over the years.

The Stock List is as follows:

Standard Gauge

- USA Class Tank 'Maunsell'**

- USA Class Tank 'Wainwright'**

- Class 08 Diesel 08712**

Narrow Gauge

- Ffestiniog Railway - 'Moel Hebog'

- Welsh Highland Railway - 'Kinnerly'**

- Welsh Highland Railway - Coach 42 'Toastrack'

- Welsh Highland Railway - Coach 6 '4 Wheeler'

- Sittingbourne and Kemsley Railway - 'Barton Hall'**

- Statfold Barn Railway - 'Statfold'

- Statfold Barn Railway - 'Harrogate'

- South Tynedale - 'Naworth'**

- Bredgar and Wormshill Railway - 'Excursion Coach'


- Hastings 'Swee Pea'

- Hastings MR Stock

- Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway - River Esk**

- Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway - River Irt*

- Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway - Northern Rock*

- Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway - Flower of the Forest**

- Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway - Cyril**

- Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway - Perkins**

- Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway - Douglas Ferreira*

- Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway - Shelagh of Eskdale*

- Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway - Standard Saloon Stock

- Bure Valley Railway - Spitfire**

- Bure Valley Railway - Blickling Hall**

- Rhyl Minature Railway - Joan**

- Rhyl Miniature Railway - John**

- Rhyl Miniature Railway - Michael**

- Rhyl Miniature Railway - Billie**

- Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway - Batisson

'Wainwright' on the K&ESR Route
'Maunsell' on the K&ESR Route
Welsh Highland Railway- 'Kinnerly'
Barton Hall
Sittingbourne and Kemsley Railway - 'Barton Hall'
River Irt
'River Irt' on the RH&DR Route

Locomotives Marked with an * come with a custom cabview

Locomotives marked with ** come with a suitable cabview

Any other locomotives use default MSTS cabviews.

Rock Cab
'Northern Rock's' Cabview
All models created with Train Sim Modeler, the website for which can be found at  TSM
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